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Sneak Preview Patrick Swayze In Quot The Beast Quot

Watch our sneak-peak video clip of Patrick Swayze in its new A E series, The Beast, which premieres in January 2009. L actor began shooting after the series was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last March. In August, celebrated his 56th birthday - happy and healthy after responding well to treatment - on the set of The Beast ..
23.10.08 08:22

Rays Make It Look Easy By Burying Red Sox

Once the Rays reached double figures, were the fans fleeing Fenway fastest theater-goers, at the latest collaboration Robert DeNiro-Al Pacino. Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria set the tone with long home runs off Tim Wakefield knuckleballs in the first inning to give Tampa a 3-0 lead. At least best-selling author and Red Sox diehard Stephen King had the right idea: he brought a book for the game. (The TBS television cameras caught him absorbed in one pass with Tampa Bay leading 11-1 in the seventh inning).
23.10.08 08:22

Miley Cyrus Buys Friendship Ring For Hsms Ashley Tisdale

A source told the magazine OK: Miley seen [red enamel] Hidalgo ring and said to her mother, OMG, I need to have one of these for Ashley.. Miley Cyru has reportedly bought his good friend Ashley Tisdale a $ 1400 ring Friendship as a way to stay connected in the race all over the world to work.
23.10.08 08:22


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